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Flappy Red Ball is a superfun game that will keep you engaged for hours. You basically have to tap the screen to make the ball fly. There are Three difficulty levels - Easy, Medium, Hard . Awesome looking backgrounds which randomly appears while playing. The three colorful awesome backgrounds will enhance your gaming experience.

Flappy Red Ball is like other flappy games , but it has a lot of new features which will blow your mind. Specially people who love to play jumping and flapping games will fall in love with this game.

In flappy red ball you have to control a sweet cute looking red ball, which can jump or flap only when you tap the screen. The red ball keeps looking at you while you're playing and while bouncing, if the red ball crashes with any of those pipes, the red ball makes a sad looking red ball's face and falls down below. When the red ball fells on the ground , you get three options, 1 button to Rate the flappy red ball game, another to play the flappy red ball game again, and the last one to go to main menu and choose one of the difficulty levels.

Flappy Red ball also shows a local high score. When you click the high score button on the main menu of flappy red ball, it shows you high score for three different difficulty levels. It shows you how much score you have got for each level. You get a score only when the red ball passes through pipes and you get one point each time the red ball passes through a pipe. If the red ball goes more distance than any of it's previous bounces, i.e if the red ball gets better score than the previous high score in this difficulty level, the high score automatically gets stored.

Flappy red ball also makes your gaming experience better by randomly switching to different amazing looking backgrounds. So, the red ball jumps if front of different sky and ground each time you play the game. The red ball looks cute in all three backgrounds.

If you have played flappy games before and you love games like flappy bird, then this is gonna be your favorite flappy bird like game of all time. The speed by which the flappy ball goes is slightly slower and the gravity is also lesser so that your flappy red ball experience becomes awesome. Each time you play flappy red ball, you'll think of getting a better score . The flappy ball bounces easily than other flappy games so it's easier to control the flappy red ball than other flappy games.

You'll love flappy red ball game if you either love flappy bird like games or like to play the red ball games. It combines the fun of flappy bird games and the red ball games and gives you an awesome gaming experience. Flappy red ball will bring smile in your face each time you play this game. Flappy red ball has been designed to be the best flappy game, and people are already loving this flappy game.


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